Best home remedies for persistent cough?

Depends... Treatment for a nonproductive, chronic cough depends on the etiology. Some possible etiologies include bronchospasm, gerd, post-nasal drip or even a combination of factors. All these etiologies have entirely different treatments so treatment depends on the suspected etiology. Your doctor should evaluate your cough so the correct treatment can be rendered.

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My 1 1/2 year old has had persistent cough for a week now, what is the best remedy?

M.D. visit. A persistent or worsening cough should be further evaluated. If the cough was associated with congestion, keeping the nasal passages clear with nasal saline, reduces post nasal drip. Conditions such as asthma, gerd and aspiration, a foreign body or CF may also be underlying causes of persistent cough. Your physician may elect to treat or screen for one of the above. Read more...