Urinary urgency. What causes it if no infection found?

Urinary frequency. Any irritation or obstruction can cause urinary frequency - there doesn't need to be an infection per se. A UTI is the most common cause and can usually be identified by urinalysis. An "overactive bladder is a common diagnosis, but retention of urine is often another common cause. Neurologic irritation can cause frequent voiding and interstitial cystitis/bladder ca, too. Needs to be ruled out.
Pelvic Joint Injury. Frequency and urgency can be caused by an infection which doctors can detect.  often  a burning sensation accompanies infection & during urine flow.  other causes are theorized to come from relaxed and stretched pelvic floor muscles.  to my mind irritation of the pelvic neural plexsus by an underlying hypermobile sacroiliac joint is causal, as i explain at quora.Com.
OAB, IC, stone etc. Overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis, bladder stone, menopause in women and enlarged prostate in men can all cause urinary urgency. Start by cutting out acid urine producing foods and beverages like oj, caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol for a week or so. Resume above, if necessary, one at a time and consult your dr.

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Severe urinary urgency & frequency for almost 2 months, no infection. Have to pee every 10 minutes. Urologist has no answers. How do I make it stop?

May be IC... After ruling out UTI and emptying bladder, one needs to consider possible ic (interstitial cystitis). For managing such bladder annoyance, take following steps: behavioral modifications such as timed voiding ; decrease oral fluid intake, off coffee and any caffeine-related drink, pelvic floor muscle exercise, judicious use of drugs, and .... Of course, on healthy lifestyle. Detail? See urologists. Read more...

Urinary urgency, I pee 20 times daytime, and 15 at night I went to a urologist, he didn't found any infection, or anything wrong on the cbc?

Urinary Frequency. If not infected there are a few other tests that I would check including sugar level as this may cause an osmotic diuresis. Have your PCP check sugar, calcium in serum and urine. Also you may have an overactive bladder which contracts more frequent than normal and a urodynamic study at your urologist could confirm and treat with meds. Read more...
Be checked for? ... Be checked to see if you have: UTI, stable holding or effective emptying of bladder like interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder or pending urinary retention, high-output kidney failure, water over-drinking or bladder-irritating foods or drink, poor diabetic control, etc. To unveil the causes for severe urinary irritation, follow advice in http://formefirst.com/eNewsletter06.html. Best wish ... Read more...