Trismus after wisdom teeth removal. Is that a bad side effect?

Common side effect. After removal of wisdom teeth or undergoing procedures where the mouth is held open, many patients will experience some limited opening due to tightness of the muscles that function to open and close the lower jaw that will generally improve with time and moist heat. In some instances, an infection can also be responsible for limited opening, which would require additional treatment.
Trismus. After tooth extraction if trismus occurs, it means infection.The dentist gives antibiotic before the procedure to avoid this problem.
Not uncommon! It is one of the side effects of the surgery unfortunately. See the wikipedia link.

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Will trismus post wisdom teeth removal resolve itself over time?

Ususally it does... If you had your wisdom teeth removed your mouth was open for a long time and the muscles are just plain sore. Also...Where you got the shots to numb the area will give you pain. And finally where the teeth were removed can hurt too. But smile...Most of the time this all goes away. If it lasts longer than a few weeks then call the doctor and talk to them. Read more...
Usually. Wisdom tooth extraction can be a traumatic surgery. Trimus is possible, but usually subsides over time. It should feel like it is getting a little better every day. Read more...