Can you survive with cpr and then hours later die of heart failure?

Absolutely. Not every one that survives after CPR recovers to live longer. In fact, well over half of people who are resuscitated with CPR ultimately die of heart failure or arrhythmias.

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Is a cpr-certified person required to perform cpr on a heart failure/car accident victim?

Not sure of question. Any first responder operating in good faith is likely protected by good samaritan clauses as long as care is transferred to formally trained individuals who arrive soon thereafter. If you are asking if an individual who is trained should perform CPR if first on seen, that's a moral question, not a legal one. One would hope that any help is better than none would be the deciding factor to help.

How can someone be fine one night, then hours later die of heart failure?

It is possible. That's a sad scenario but not impossible. Some forms of heart disease strike abruptly. The most common by far is heart attack but there are others. Someone with few symptoms can rupture a plaque in an artery, occlude it, develop cardiogenic shock and die of heart failure in <24 hours although rare with modern treatment.
Arrhythmia. Patients with heart failure are prone to heart rhythm abnormalities (arrhythmias) which are fast, irregular, and don't pump any blood. If this occurs when the patient is alone, it results in sudden death. If emergency medical technicians are rapidly available, the heart rhythm can be shocked back to a regular rhythm with a small chance that the patient will fully recover.

Why do people with lung disease often die of heart failure?

Right Heart. COPD / emphysema patients develop right heart dysfunction late in the disease (called cor pulmonale)- this can result in fluid gain, edema and heart failure.
The heart over-works. The heart not only pumps blood to the body, but also to the lungs. There are two sides to the heart -- the right and left. The right side pumps blood into and out of the lungs to get oxygen; the left side then pumps blood with oxygen to the body. Severe lung disease closes down lung blood vessels. This can make it so hard to pump blood to the lungs that the heart can't keep working and fails.

When do people not die from heart failure?

Many reasons. Most patients with heart failure can live a long life nowadays. It depends on how severe it is. Factors that determine how long you live are:1. How severe it is 2. What is the underlying cause 3. How good is your treatment 4. How compliant you are with the treatment 5. What other illnesses you have 6. How old you are so find a good doctor and do what he advises and you should be around a while.
Exact question? I'm sorry - I'm not sure what you're asking? Do yo mean, what can people with heart failure do to live longer?

Does taking morphine cause a person with conjestive heart failure to die?

No. In addition to being a good pain reliever, morphine is especially good at relieving the discomfort with "air hunger" that can happen with congestive heart failure. While it is used in patients close to the end of life, in the proper doses, it does not cause them to die.
No. However, morphine can depress the drive to breathe and can be fatal in high doses. This is irrespective of chf.

How long before you can can expect an 70 year old to die with heart failure?

Hard to tell. It depends on the stage of the hf and how well the doctors are managing the condition and if there is mechanical assistive device in place to help...