Sore throat, possible ear infection, and sore muscles. Does strep cause achy muscles?

Many illnesses can. Whenever you are sick, your body mounts a response to fight off that infection. Some of the chemicals released by your own body and those released by bacteria under attack can cause muscle aches and pains. If you think you may have strep throat, pleas see your doctor as it can cause complications if left untreated.
It can. Yes it can but other illnesses can too. To see if it is strep, your doctor will need to do either or both of a rapid strep test and culture.

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Can you have strep throat without a fever? And possibly an ear infection as well? Worst sore throat ever for 4 days now and ear pain but no fever?

Yes. You may have strep throat without fever. Can be very difficult to swallow, so bad you can't swallow your own saliva. A simple swab test can diagnose or exclude strep throat in a very short time, and you can then initiate antibiotic therapy. If you do have strep throat, you are contagious until you've been on treatment for at least 24 hrs. Get seen soon. Good luck. Read more...

Did my sore throat lead to my ear infection? Does this need to be treated? Can I just use ear drops

May be related. Middle ear infections often arise after a cold or other process involving the upper airway/throat/adenoids/tonsils. If a specific germ is dominating the others in the area, they can affect both your throat and middle ears. If it is viral it will pass in a few days without treatment.If bacterial, oral antibiotics will be needed.Drops are unlikely to be helpful in this case. Read more...