Are mucousy or bloody stools in an infant associated with hirschsprung's disease?

Bloody stools. In an infant should absolutely be evaluated by your pediatrician asap. Hirschsprung's not a big one for bloody stools. Don't do online searches at your baby's expense. See your pediatrician.
Usually not. Most of the time, constipation and large size stools are the most common piece of history. That being said, if baby has a large-size stool, it can tear their poor little anus and cause some blood to be present of the outside of the stool. They are also a bit more prone to intestinal infections, including c. Diff, and these infections can lead to blood/mucous in stools.
See pediatrician. Common cause of blood in an infant’s stool is a slight anal tear (fissure) from baby straining with the passage of the stool.Another common cause of blood in the stools of infants is food allergies such as cow’s milk products and soy. Temporary lactose intolerance, due to an intestinal infection. Gastroenteritis associated with c.Difficile other causes. Should see pediatrician.