Is edta chelation therapy a scientifically and medically sound theory?

Depends. Edta is the drug of choice for lead encephalopathy. For use to "treat" cancer, hypertension, asthma, arthritis or just about any other disease- no it has no scientific basis and is simply an attempt to steal money from you.
FDA Approved Uses. There are two drugs approved by the fda that have similar names are easily confused. To add to the confusion, both drugs are commonly referred to only as the abbreviation, "edta." edetate calcium disodium is fda approved to lower blood lead levels among patients with lead poisoning. Edetate disodium is fda approved to medically lower calcium levels and to treat digitalis toxicity.
Yes it is. There is much available literature on the subject. There are as yet no well done controlled studies that evaluate a specific outcome. The clinical results of well over 30, 000 patients that show a variety of positive clinical results without adverse effects are available in the journal of advancement in medicine, the peer reviewed publication of the american college for advancement in medicine.

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I heard about edta chelation therapy, but the american medical association doesn't support it. Why?

Deadly side Effects. The ama does not endorse chelation therapy for behavioral issues because of potentially horrible side effects including death. There is no sound evidence whatsoever that it even helps behavioral issues. For proven heavy metal poisoning there may be an indication. Otherwise it appears to be quackery.
Mineral depletion. Chelation therapy wipes out both good and bad stuff in body - if you are doing chelation it is recommended u do 3 day oral chelation captomer, lipoic acid, glutathione - captomer cleans, lipoic acid removes oxidative stress, glutathione provides energy for liver - this should be followed by 27 day high mineral +vitamin + energy for cells so both go hand in hand.
It doesn't work! This new age therapy came along in the late 70's driven by waves of testimonials, but no scientific evidence of benefits. One highly implausible claim was that it removed atherosclerotic plaques. (i am addressing chelation giving edta by infusion, only.) with no real support of benefit in double blind studies, there is no reason for insurers and the government to pay for it.
An Interesting Study. The answer is >400 character spaces, so i'll provide you with a few links and let you decide: 1) http://www. Nhlbi. Nih. Gov/news/press-releases/supplement/questions-and-answers-the-nih-trial-of-edta-chelation-therapy-for-coronary-heart-disease. Html 2) http://www. Forbes. Com/sites/larryhusten/2012/11/04/nih-trial-gives-surprising-boost-to-chelation-therapy/.