Notice when I have my contacts in I see a lot clearer in my left eye than my right eye. Shouldn't they be equal?

Vision with contacts. It depends! certainly most contact lens fittings are done to perfect equal vision in each eye. However, the over 40 set may elect monovision, one eye set for distance and the other for near so as to avoid the need for reading glasses! if the vision cannot be corrected to achieve equal sight in both eyes, there could be a defect in the contact lens or the eye itself. Best to have this checked out.
Agree with you. Contacts are a frequent source of eye problems compared to almost any eye product or medication. The main problem us that you literally got something in your eye that is actually rubbing your eye. It could be too tight or causing micro abrasions or the prescription could be wrong or not possible to be placed on that contact lens. My advice consider glasses or lasik.