Related Questions

How to stop my nasal discharge?

Cause? It depends on what is causing it. If you have hay fever, an antihistamine pill may help. If you have a cold or oversensitive nose, there is a Rx nasal spray which may be effective. Tell us more.

What actually is nasal discharge?

Nasal response. Fluid produced by the nose in reaction to a pathogen, allergen or foreign body. It is the bod's attempt to flush out the offending particle in the nose. Your nose produces a liter of post-nasal drainage a day in its attempts to cleans the air we breathe, preparing it for the lungs, by the sweeping mechanism of the cilia of the nasal lining.

What could cause blue nasal discharge?

Blue eye shadow. Best explanation is blue eyeshadow or eye liner that gets into the the tear duct which drains into the nose.

What is done for constant nasal discharge?

Nasal discharge. Constant nasal discharge may be from recurrent viral illnesses, allergies, sinus infections. Need to determine the cause to know what the treatment course needs to be.

Can you tell me how to stop my nasal discharge?

Diagnosis. If nasal discharge has been going on for a long time, you need a diagnosis. We can not simply stop your discharge without knowing what is wrong with your nose. Diagnoses include, allergic rhinitis, rhino-sinusitis, over use of otc nasal sprays, granulomas, nasal polyps to name a few. See an ENT doctor for a specific diagnosis and therapy.

Why do I have black streaks in my nasal discharge?

Stuff you breathe? Usually this can be due to inhalation of pollutants in the air such as dust, smoke, or other environmental pollutants. Rarely certain serious fungal sinus infections in persons with a compromised immune system can cause black discharge from the nose (invasive fungal sinusitis).

What can I do about clear nasal discharge and excessive tearing?

Sounds like allergy. If there is also sneezing, then this would confirm hayfever or allergic rhinitis. You can try Claritin or competing brands. If there is nasal congestion, then claritin-d but not if you have blood pressure problems, heart disease, or stroke. If it is year round or severe, you may want to get allergy testing to see what you are allergic to.

What should I do if my baby has nasal discharge?

Depends. If your baby has nasal discharge and he/she is not bothered by it and sleeping and eating fine, I would not do anything. If it's bothering them a little, you can suction their noses, use saline drops/sprays, elevate their heads, and use a humidifier or vaporizer. If it persists more then 2-3 weeks without improving, I would call your pediatrician since it could be a sinus infection or allergies.
Suction the nose. Use saline nasal drops and suction the nostrils. This can be done few times a day but not too frequently as it may irritate the nostrils.

Treatment for foul smelling nasal discharge?

Medical evaluation. To determine cause of discharge. Treatment plan will depend of cause (i.e., sinusitis).