Gama GT liver test 140 don't drink that much alcahol why is it so high got coronory heart disease aswell. Help. .

Suspect heredity. About 1 person in 1000 has an autosomal dominant genetic tendency to high ggt. I occasionally have to write letters to these people's friends / parole officers / drug counselors explaining that this does not mean they are secretly boozing. As a lab specialist, i'm always telling people to focus on the actual history and physical exam -- you're not your lab values. Best wishes.

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What does elevated liver levels mean I do drink alcahol a lot is it from that im 40 year old male with coronory heart disease. ..Help?

Most likely yes. Excessive alcohol intake can definitely make your liver enzyme tests abnormal. This can be very dangerous in the long run. Try to abstain for a while to let your liver "recover" from the damage. Read more...