Do I need to take warfarin to treat my vascular disease?

Special cases do. Warfarin is not the standard treatment for most cases of peripheral vascular disease. In general, most people with PVD benefit from Aspirin and statin medications which reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke. However, some people may have other diseases associated with vascular disease that require warfarin. Check with your doctor!
Maybe. If you have had arterial clotting or embolus from your heart you need to have your blood thinned. Otherwise, it would not be a typical medicine for arterial disease.
That depends.... Full anti-coagulation (with coumadin (warfarin), (warfarin) lovenox, arixtra...) is indicated in some vascular diseases over simple "anti-platelet" therapy (aspirin, plavix...). It depends on "you" and what "you have." if you have a clotting disorder than most likely you will need Coumadin (warfarin) to help treat it. If you have had bypass surgery to your lower leg with a synthetic graft you will need coumadin (warfarin). So it depends..
It depends. Warfarin is used as a blood thinner to prevent blood clots from forming for example in the setting of someone with a heart rhythm problem or valve problem, blood clots at the veins, and some people at high risk for developing clots due to genetic and acquired reasons for example. Depending on your condition you might need it only for a few months or lifelong.