Hard walnut size knot behind right ear at hairline what is this? Sore throat hoarse voice but improving. 2nd sore throat 2months.

Have it checked out. The walnut size knot is concerning if it has changed and grown recently. If it is painful or red or has any sign of drainage, you have to be concerned about a tumor. You should have it evaluated. The sore throat may be something unrelated-not sure of its significance. If it recurs or is painful or associated with fevers, you should have it evaluated.

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Lump behind right ear with (rare for me) frequent headaches and sore throat. Lump doesnt hurt and is hard but I get a shooting pain in neck at times?

See your PCP. Some conditions like lump behind your ear require further assessment and your primary care doctor may schedule a follow-up appointment or refer you to a specialist to determine a diagnosis. See your PCP first for evaluation. Read more...