Is it possible for a young 18yr adult to have fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia can aff. Although a thorough medical evaluation is indicated to rule out other causes for the symptoms, fibromyalgia can be present in the young adult population and is best treated by a sensitive team familiar with the different treatment options. In this way symptoms can be effectively managed so as to support both function and quality of life.
Not known. Fibromyelgia is a "bag of worm", though there are definite criteria set as well as few approved medications in the market . Clinically, all criteria never fit and pts never get complete pain relief sometimes, it is chronic pain syndrome or depression mimicking it. Aerobic exercises is best. I would suggest rather than thinking about it, start aerobic exercises - it will help for all above conditi.
Yes. ? is whether 18 y.o. can have fibromyalgia. Indeed they can, and as the result of influence of some of the several following predisposing qualities: femaleness, childbirth experience, mechanical falls onto back or buttocks, lifting injuries, episodes of prolonged bed rest, motor vehicle accidents, and Hypermobility Syndrome. .