Normal hormone levels, reg periods. Male pattern body hair growth, underdeveloped breasts, pain in ovaries/bellybutton/tailbone/sides, hold weight in stomach, frequent vag infeftions. Why?!

See endocrinologist. It sounds like you would benefit from seeing an endocrinologist. Several diseases can cause your symptoms pcos is not uncommon.
Sounds hormonal. You may have some other issues other than the amount of hormone in your blood. Could be a hormone receptor problem. See a dermatologist, ob-gyn, or endrocrine doctor for further work-up.
METABOLIC DISORDER. See an endocrinologist could be your adrenal or pitutary gland that is out of order.
You'll need a . Complete evaluation by your gyn and an endocrinologist. Best wishes for a happy holiday holiday season!

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She has irregular periods (started at 13), excessive body hair growth yet barely any breast growth. Is sth wrong with her feminine hormone lvl?

Doubt it. Teenager may go though issues like this. My advice is to see an OB/GYN instead of a Pediatrician. If she has issues like this, she may benefit with a low dose oral contraceptive to help regulate her cycle and help with the hair issue. She may have polycystic ovarian syndrome and be checked out. Read more...