I was recently diagnosed with complex partial seizure disorder. Started with one med but now 2?

Yes. It is not uncommon to require more than one anti-seizure medication to control seizures.
CPS. Cps, is more common and difficult to treat than grand mal or generalized seizures, sometimes one seizure medication is not enough to treat cps, in some cases 2-3 medications are needed to acheive the seizure control, if cps is uncontrolled with 3 medications for 6 months then a work up for epilepsy surgery may be recommended.

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Please help! I have complex partial seizure disorder?

Clarify. Your question isn't clear as to what you'd like to know. With this condition, it is basic care to make sure that you are partnered with a neurologist who works with seizure disorders. You live in an area that has plenty of access to healthcare so please start your research and make an appointment asap.
See a neurologist. You should consult a neurologist who specializes in seizures, to discuss available medications for seizure control.
Seizures. You need a Neurologist for treatment and evaluation.