I have trouble falling asleep at night. Is there any way to solve this problem naturally without pills?

CBT. Numerous research studies have shown that cognitive/behavioral therapy (cbt) is more effective than medication for treatment of chronic insomnia. I recommend "no more sleepless nights" by p. Hauri, pH. D. Start with my handout at sleepdoctor. Com/handouts - click on rules and principles for insomniacs. Good luck.
Sleep Hygiene is Key. Retire & rise same time each day. Keep bedroom dark & cool & use only for sex & sleep. Turn off tv. No naps. Exercise regularly but not in late evening. No caffeine for 6 hrs & no alcohol or tobacco w/i 2 hrs of sleep. Keep dinner moderate sized & finish at least 2 to 3 hrs before sleep. Can try warm milk, Chamomile tea or melatonin along w light reading, warm bath or lavender scent.