I'm wondering how long will I need braces for to fix a cross bite?

And what else. When there is one anomaly, there are often multiple anomalies. Is your crossbite anterior or posterior. Is it dental, skeletal, or both. Is it single tooth or multiple teeth. Please see an Orthodontic Specialist for an initial examination (usually free or low cost) and a discussion as to the timing and intensity of the treatment to resolve your malocclusion.
Ask your. orthodontist as they can give you the best estimate. It will also depend on other problems that need correcting as well as your compliance with treatment.
Depends. There is no exact time associated with correcting a cross bite-- there are just too many other variables involved. You should ask your orthodontist directly as they know your case.
All Depends. This question require a lot more information. Is the cross bite an anterior cross bite, a postierior cross bite (unlaterla or bilateral). Without proper diagnostic records, no orthodontic professional can answer that question.