I have itchy foot and can not find a cream to sooth it. What do you recommend?

Fungal. Any type of fungal cream either by prescription or over the counter.
Fins out why... ..Your feet are itching by seeing a podiatrist. It could be athlete's foot, psoriasis or any number of other reasons. The best cream to use would be dependent on the diagnosis/cause of the itching.
Rash? Sounds like a rash. Should have a physician check it out. May need a cortisone cream applied to it.
Try this. Make sure your feet are as dry as possible. Powder would help absorb perspiration. Another thing that can help is a prescription called drysol applied at bed time. Even under arm antiperspirant sprays containing aluminum chloride used on the feet can help. I also recommend socks made of more cotton or wool rather than synthetics such as nylon or polyester. Otc medications: lotrimin, (clotrimazole) cortisone.
See a dermatologist. Begin with exam and diagnosis. You probably need a prescription.
See a podiatrist. Could be fungal or dermatoses.
See a doctor. If you have tried several over the counter preparations and still have a problem you need to consult a doctor.