I have had an itchy anus for years. Someone help me permanently fix it?

Sure. Most causes of anal itching especially if it is severe enough to wake you from your sleep are due to caffeine and excess moisture. Cut out all caffeine and beer, and keep the area dry with cornstarch powder, not talcum. Occassionaly pin worms can be a cause but usually in children playing in dirt.

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I have had an itchy anus (for 3+ years) after passing stool, every once and a while I will have severe dull pain in my groin area after I pass stool.?

Itching can be from. Several sources the most common being diet. Pay a little attention the next time it happens if its related to any certain food products the most common being coffee, beer, chocolates, tomatoes, spicy food, orange juice or grape fruit juice and nuts. Groin pain could be from a hernia especially if its during straining. Calmoseptine oint works really well with itching and get a phys exam to r/o hernia. Read more...