Is lymphedema common?

No. It can occur after surgery which affects the lymph nodes in a arm or leg. It is more common bilaterally in older women. It is seen in overweight inscribe people. Movement is important to cause the muscles to move the fluid out of the legs.
Depends. Lymphedema of an arm after breast cancer surgery and/or radiation can be fairly common. It can also occur after vein stripping surgery and other peripheral vascular surgical procedures. However, under most other circumstances lymphedema is actually quite uncommon. Lymphedema can also be primary, meaning we can't identify the cause. Most of the time, this occurs in women under the age of 35.
Can be confused..... With chronic venous insufficiency. In cvi, there is failure of the calf-pump system in which the calf doesn't compress the deep veins in the lower leg, causing swelling. In lymphedema, there is actual failure of the lymphatic vessels to appropriately drain fluid off the system, causing pitting edema. In most cases, patients sometimes have both.
Not uncommon. It occurs commonly after breast cancer surgery and it is the most common cause of leg swelling , if it is combined with veno- lymphedema .[ that is lymphedema caused by venous insufficiency.].