I have a low heart rate but I'm overweight? A low heart rate is better than a high heart rate right?

Not necessarily. It depends on how low the heart rate is and whether the heart rhythm is normal or abnormal. A high resting heart rate is more indicative of heart disease or other types of medical problems than a low resting heart rate so long as the low heart rate is not too low.

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Why do I experience a low heart rate with normal/high blood pressure and a high heart rate with low blood pressure? Thanks

No Easy Answers from. A distance. Everything you describe is a behavior/sign/symptom, none causal. Heart rate, strength of contraction (both heart functions) ; BP (mean arteriole resistance) are all controlled 24/7, split-second by split-second, by our brain/mind at below conscious, autonomic nervous system level. While alterations in heart muscle size & function (usual doc focus) are also a factor, these are secondary.

I have a very high heart rate while exercising and a very low heart rate while resting. Is this normal or do I need to see a doctor?

Physical fitness? Well conditioned athletes often have low heart rates at rest (sometimes 40 - 50 bpm). Your maximum heart rate should be 220 - age (i.e. ~171 BPM for a 49 y/o). If your heart rate rises above this, abruptly rises to this rate, or you have dizziness, short breath, or chest pain, see a cardiologist to make sure you're not experiencing an arrhythmia. Otherwise, this range is normal for athletes.

Parent had pacemaker put in due to low heart rate (30's-40's). Had high BP and is overweight. What are the likely causes of decreased heart rate?

Slow heart rate. Just answered this earlier. We had no definite cause to this. The sinus node, or the heart pacer is just simply slow in firing, could have been from previous ischemia but we can't say for certain. It is not a common condition but we see it enough and yes more in the elderly, so the ischemic theory probably is true.

What does it mean if I have high oxygen saturation but a low heart rate?

See below. It means that the hemoglobin in your blood is receiving enough oxygen from your lungs to be fully loaded with oxygen molecules. Additionally, your heart, for whatever reason, is beating slowly. Often, slow heart rate is a sign of health, particularly in your age group (37).

I was wondering what does it mean if I have a high oxygen saturation, but a low heart rate?

Nothing. A low heart rate can be from illness or just being very physically fit. "high oxygen saturation" is never a problem; I am wondering how it was measured.

How might you have high blood pressure but a low heart rate?

Heart rate. The larger stroke volume associated with slow heart rate will result in higher systolic pressure and depending on runoff diastolic also.
They aren't. necessarily related, blood pressure can be from constricted vessels even if heart output low, and they can be controlled by different blood chemicals.

What to do if I have pacemaker for low heart rate today I'm runnin high 90's BP 133/ 91?

Pacemaker. The pacemaker is likely programmed to stimulate your heart if your intrinsic rate falls below a programmed rate like 60 or 70 beats a minute. If your heart is going 90 on its own, the pacer is just monitoring to see how fast the heart is going and will 'kick in' if your heart slows to under the programmed rate.