I had dreams that more lumps developed in my breasts. What should I do? Mammogram?

See your doctor. If you are concerned about your breast health -- whether it's pain or a lump or anything -- you should see your doctor to discuss it and for an exam. Your doctor will recommend testing, if necessary, and this may include a mammogram or ultrasound, for example.
Dreams. Dreams can be disturbing on a number of levels, but they are just dreams, and do not influence reality. If you feel new lumps, you should see your doctor. If not, hope for better dreams!
Huh. You need a mammogram if you or your doctor feels a lump in your breasts, or you are over 40. If you have a 1st degree relative such as mother or sister with breast cancer, you can choose to start your mammograms when you are 10 years younger than the age your relative was diagnosed or at age 40, whatever comes first. I once had a dream i could fly, so should I jump off the grand canyon?