I'm having green mucus from my mouth and nose, what could this be?

Body's fighting... Please see a doctor asap. The strangely colored discharge may be a sign of infection the body is fighting against. If it looks coming from your nose and mouth, sinus may be involved also. Typically, ENT doctors see these cases, but your family doctor can give you appropriate course of action. If it is normal (like the color came from food, etc.), you may be released with assurance of health.

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I have been getting really thick green mucus out of my nose and mouth I have had this for about 2 weeks is this normal?

Not normal. 2 weeks of green nasal discharge is definitely not normal. It may be rhinitis (a nasal infection) or rhino-sinusitis. This may still be a viral infection but it is time to see an ENT doctor for a diagnosis and proper treatment. Read more...

Popping in nose. Feels inflamed. Cheek head neck ear pain. Past sinus/allergy issues. So much pain in ear and neck. Feel really sick. Green mucus.

Sinusitis. You may have a sinus infection, you need to see your doctor to treat it, if you have allergies they need to be controlled to stop these recurrent sinus infections. See an allergist and get tested and determine your triggers. Read more...