How to stop your foot from having strange tingling?

Find the Cause. Tingling in the foot came be cause by a number of things: diabetes. Poor circulation, nerve entrapments, nutritional problems or alcoholism. A complete examination will help determine the underlying cause.
Find out the cause. Tingling in the foot can mean several things. Probably most commonly it is due to pressure on the nerves in the foot, and might respond to changing tight shoes or using arch supports. Tingling can also be due to pinched nerves in the back. The primary therapy for that problem is exercise for the back.
Neuropathy. You could have neuropathy. Are you diabetic? See your doctor. There are excellent medications hat can help.
Many causes. There are many causes for this problem, you should see a podiatrist could be neuropathy, diabetes, metabolic disease, etc.
No good answer. Not knowing when the tingling started or what caused it, it would be impossible to put a time frame to this problem. You should consider having an examination.