I was wondering, do chewing gums good on slimming out face?

No. Your facial muscles are designed for repetitive use. If anything additional exercise causes muscles to bulk up. Want to loose weight in your face? See nutritionist for help with overall body weight loss. And chewing gum w sugar can promote cavities.
No. If you are asking if gum chewing will make you thinner, no--especially if sugared gum. Chewing is not an aerobic exercise that will promote fat burning or noticeable weight loss. If that's not what you are asking, please resubmit your inquiry with proper grammar because you have not asked a question that can be interpreted by someone who doesn't know your 'lingo.'.
Not likely.... Chewing gums does work your facial muscles but will not help the face to get slim. Using the same muscle group will have effect on your face, but slimming is not a typical effect. However, if by chewing gums you eat less weight-gaining foods you could lose weight.