How do you stop and prevent bacterial vaginosis?

PH balance. Bv is caused by a shift in your normal vaginal bacteria flora. Anything that causes a shift can cause the irritative symptoms of bv. Find out what causes your shift then you can identify the problem.

Related Questions

How can I prevent bacterial vaginosis?

Take an antibiotic. Takking an antibiotic each time you have sexual relations and review with your physician positions that may reduce this occurance.

How do I treat bacterial vaginosis and prevent recurrence?

See your gyn. You need a culture script meds, and if you take acidolphilus pills or probiotcis daily, either of those is preventative.

Is there such a thing as too much probiotics? I try to eat yogurt daily and started taking a probiotic (25 billion) to prevent bacterial vaginosis.

Very safe. We have about 100 trillion bacteria in our intestines so 25 billion is a relatively small and safe amount. Some probiotics contain much higher amounts yet are considered safe (such as VSL 3 which has 300 billion bacteria). See http://www. Health. Harvard. Edu/vitamins-and-supplements/health-benefits-of-taking-probiotics.

Will taking vitamins and eating yogurt daily cure and prevent bacterial vaginosis?

It can help prevent. It but not cure it once you have it u need antibiotics either vaginal cream, vagina supp or oral pills, the yogurt must have active acidophilus cultures or u can get acidolphilus pills at any drugstore or probiotics but u must take them every day also heat and humidity in the vulva- vaginal area contribute to vaginosis, air and dryness are good.