How do I get relief from chronic tennis elbow tendonitis?

Stretching. Tennis elbow reflects a "tendinosis", consisting of small tears within the tendon attachment of the muscles that stabilize your wrist. It is extremely difficult to treat (so there are so many treatment methods). One of the best ways to improve it is to stretch the muscle and tendons involved on a daily basis, in the morning and before use. This can be supervised by a therapist or done at home.
Many options. Tennis elbow: pain on the outside, difficulty holding/grasping a handle on a gallon of milk. Treat with ice, nsaid's, elbow strap and avoidance of painful activities. If pain > 1 mos then see your doctor. Further options include formal therapy with modalities i.e. Iontophoresis, steroid injections, prp ("latest and greatest? ") injections, and lastly surgery if nonresponsive to treatment x 6-9 mos.
PT. Consider doing some physical therapy, obtaining a counter-force strap. If these fail, corticosteriod injections help. Platelet rich plasma injection is also available as a newer treatment.

Related Questions

How long does the pain normally last for people suffering from tennis elbow/tendonitis?

Usually months. Pain typically lasts several months to some degree, and depends upon severity as well as activity requirements of the patient. Rest is an essential component of treatment, and the more active someone is, the more stubborn this condition tends to be. Surgery is not typically offered until someone has had 6 months of active conservative treatment.
Varies. Some people respond to treatment in a few days to a few weeks, others months. Some do well with therapy, stretching, icing, activity reduction. Others need a cortisone injection, others require surgery.

How do you treat elbow tendonitis? Can you get it even if you don't play tennis?

Ice, rest, nsaids. The normal treatment would be avoidance of the offending activity. The use of ice and nsaids will help most problems some patiens may require a local cortisone injection or even physical therapy to alleviate the symptoms and strengthen the affected area to prevent future problems.

If I'm taking 800mg dose of ibuprophen 3x day for tendonitis (tennis elbow), how many days should i/can I take it?

As needed. Take until pain subsides. It is safe to take for extended periods, but likely your doctor did not intend for you to be on it for life. Watch for signs of stomach irritation or upset. If this develops, then stop the med. If you take it regularly for more then a year, have annual blood tests to monitor your kidneys and liver. Just like many long term meds, these can start to affect your organs.
2-3 weeks. If your tennis elbow is acute, then nsaids may help you overcome this condition. If the condition has lasted for more than 6 weeks, then nsaids are less helpful. Consider 2-3 weeks of use max, assuming you don't have any contraindications such as stomach ulcers, kidney disease, uncontrolled blood pressure, concurrent use of blood thinners, etc.

How long does tendonitis last tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow. The tendonitis pain in the elbow can last from 6-12 weeks.

Is tennis elbow the same condition as tendonitis?

Tendinopathy. The answer is both yes an no. We prefer the term tendinopathy which represents degneerative breaking down collagen fibers rather than a true inflammation or "it is" there is no real infllammation at the sourece of tennis elbow.

How can I relieve tennis elbow (tendinitis)?

Few things to do. Good range of motion, stretching, use of elbow-strap, avoid the "traumatic activities" that caused your elbow trouble (such as playing tennis, hammering, repetitive lifting/twisting of hand/forearm) and use motrin/aleve may help. If not better, consult doc for eval of alterative treatment--different meds, physical therapy, and/or possible cortisone injection. Shockway therapy may help. Good luck.

How can a tennis elbow (elbow tendinitis) be treated?

Ice and therapy. Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a inflammation of the tendons on the outside of your elbow. Treatment usually consists of regular icing, stretching and physical therapy. Identifying the source of e inflammation is obviously important to prevent ongoing or recurrent aggravation. Occasionally cortisone injections are necessary for treatment. Surgery is the last option.
REST and MODIFY. First the standard rest use some otc meds such as tylenol, (acetaminophen) Ibuprofen or something that you have used before safely. Next, certainly modify activity you are doing for a short time finally seek medical attention. Often elbow tendonitis responds very well to conservative methods. Stretching and properly applied braces and stretches an injection and rarely surgery.

How long could it take for tennis elbow (tendinitis) to be cured?

Up to 1 year. Most of the time tennis elbow is self limiting and the problem resolves itself in a few days or weeks. In rare cases it can last for up to a year and at that point surgery would be recommended.
Recovery time varies. Lateral epicondylitis (aka "tennis elbow") is a common overuse injury to the elbow. In order to treat the pain, I recommend you start with rice, follow with stretching/ strengthening (therapy), & consider couterforce bracing. If these treatments fail you may be a candidate for cortisone or prp injections. Some people end up needing surgery... http://drmarkgalland. Com/category/elbow.

Can acupuncture help tennis elbow tendinitis?

Yes, sometimes. There are always three factors involved in answering this kind of question: 1) the nature of the condition, 2) how responsive you are to acupuncture and 3) the skillfulness of the acupuncturist. Responsiveness is a built- in trait and 3-6 treatments will reveal how well you respond to acupuncture. In general, acupuncture is good for tendonitis.
Yes. Acupuncture is very successful in treating tennis elbow. Usually electro acupuncture is used frequently for this injury.