How do I know if I have cervical radiculopathy?

Symptoms and eval. Cervical radiculopathy is manifest by numbness, tingling, potentially weakness, along a specific neural pathway, in the presence of central or foramenal stenosis of the spine, and most often associated with neck symptoms and mechanical patterns of neck movements causing pain or nerve symptoms down the arm.

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I need help! How do I know if I have cervical radiculopathy?

Pain from neck-> arm. Cervical radiculopathy is usually pain with numbness, weakness, and tingling from your neck which radiates (shoots) down your arm(s). The causes are usually from a cervical herniated disc, cervical spinal stenosis, cervical degenerative disc disease, or much rarer conditions like tumor, fracture, or sarcoidosis which can compress or cause damage to cervical nerve roots. You can try ibuprofen. Read more...