What else have we eradicated besides smallpox?

Getting close. There are a few pockets of polio left but this one should soon be gone. Work is also being done on the guinea worm and a few other parasites. There is a massive amount of work being done on malaria but little success so far.
That's it. That's it for now. However, there are several labs and probably some dictators & terrorists that have a small supply. Polio is next by the who.
Rinderpest. Rinderpest (cattle plague in german)is a morbillivirus & one of two infectious diseases which have been eradicated per the world health organization. It affected cattle, buffalo, deer, giraffes, wildebeests, warthogs, etc. The last confirmed diagnosis was in 2001 & it was declared eradicated in 2011. This was done through vaccinations in 198 countries.