Abnorm pap and + HPV test then colposcopy and biopsy. Result low grade CIN 1 cervical dysplasia. Chemical peel done and flouroplex prescription vag. What is it?

Blocks DNA. The drug blocks synthesis of dna in rapidly dividing cells (pre-cancer cells). Did they put that cream on the cervix, though? I haven't heard of that management for cin 1. Most doctors will watch cin 1, according to guidelines of asccp: http://www.Asccp.Org/portals/9/docs/asccp%20updated%20guidelines%20%20-%203.21.13.Pdf and then go to "figure 13".

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I have had a colposcopy and a leep for cervical dysplasia and my follow up pap shows another low grade lesion. I have HPV. I'm worried about fertility?

Good to be concerned. Studies have shown that patients who have had a LEEP procedure may have a higher incidence of cervical stenosis or premature delivery from cervical incompetence. However HPV alone will NOT prevent you from getting pregnant assuming there are no other factors like tubal occlusion or lack of ovulation. If the HPV progresses to overt cervical cancer then fertility options will be revisited. Read more...

Acus twice. Had colpscopy/biopsy 1 CIN 1, 2 negative x dysplasia. Hpv negative. Did pap test in June and normal now. Do I need colpscopy in december?

No. If you have had CIN I. The recommendation is for you to have a pap smear every 6 months until 2 are normal 6 months apart, then to yearly screening. If your last pap was normal, colposcopy is not necessary. Repeat pap 6 months from your last and hopefully that will be normal. Good luck! Read more...