How do you get rid of really bad breath?

Oral hygiene. Start with good oral hygiene. Antiseptic mouth washes. If it still persists, see your dentist to have your gums/teeth evaluated. If those are fine, talk to your doctors to delve deeper into your history to see if you have any gastro intestinal or lung issues.
Dentist, brush, flos. Bad breath can have many causes. The most common source of really bad breath or halitosis is periodontal disease and/or tooth decay. You should see a dentist to determine any oral pathology and get it corrected. Brush 2 to 3 times a day, floss daily, use an antibacterial oral rinse. Another thing people tend to miss is the tongue. Brush the tongue thoroughly as far back as you can go.

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How do I get rid of really bad breath?

Could be. Dental so see your dentist and get checked for gum disease. If you have done that consider watching your diet and brushing your tongue after brushing teeth and flossing. If none of these solve the issue then check with your md or gastroentorologist.
FULL MOUTH DETOX. Bad breath is caused by odor producing bacteria in your mouth. It is almost impossible to remove those billions of bacteria from your mouth by simply brushing, flossing, or mouthwash. Yes, after you brush-floss-rinse-chew gum-rinse again-floss-brush again... Then for few minutes you will not have bad breath... The only way to get rid of it- is to do full mouth detox procedure, we exclusively do it.

How do I get rid of really bad breath besides dental visit?

Depends. Bad breathe can have many causes : gum disease, reflux, stress, diet. Something as simple as brushing your tongue can help.
Clean your mouth. You should clean your mouth thoroughly by brushing and especially flossing. You should use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. It is important to moisturize your mouth as dry mouth will increase bad breath. Avoid foods such as onions, coffee, cheese or brush after you intake these foods, finally if you are on a low carb diet ketones are produced which cause bad breath so eat a carb rich snack.

How do you get rid of bad breath from having dry throat?

Sip water. Frequently, use biotene products or similar to help with the dryness. Consult your physician or dentist to find out the cause and be treated appropriately.
Tips for dry mouth. Dryness causes food and plaque to stick to your teeth and tongue. It stinks! Brush with an electric 2th brush. I like sonicare. It does a good job. Floss too., now, get a tongue scraper and scrape the goo off. Keep on top of it daily. If u use a mouthwash, be sure it is alcohol free. Alcohol dehydrates and makes things worse. Listerine zero is one brand. Y r u so dry? Ask your md for answers.

How to get rid of bad breath?

Avoid common causes. Halitosis (bad breath) after certain foods or drinks occurs for several reasons. Chemicals from some foods/drinks diffuse into the flesh in the mouth and throat. These chemicals (odors) keep coming out into the breath for many hours. Some foods or drinks cause odors when in the stomach. Stomach odors will come up through burps, and even without noticeable burps. Some substances stick to the teeth.
Start w your Dentist. Make sure no infections (teeth, gums/bone, throat, tonsils, etc. Clean between teeth DAILY. Brush 2 minutes 2x/day. Ask Dentist to show you how to clean tongue. Evaluate dietary choices. Have Physician evaluate sinuses, tonsils, adenoids, and possibility of GERD.
Halitosis. Bad breath can be caused by many different factors, including sinus infections, periodontal problems, smoking, cavities, acid reflux, and your diet. Address all of these possibilities with your dentist and physician, and I'm confident that your problem will at least be minimized, and hopefully eradicated.

How to get rid of bad breath?

Well... Assuming that you're brushing and flossing regularly, bad breath can be a sign of a chronic sinus infection or an infection in your mouth and/or throat. If you are having any pain in your forehead or cheeks or tenderness in your mouth or throat and/or a stiff neck, see your doc right away. Post nasal drip and gastrointestinal problems can also cause bad breath. It's worth it to have an evaluation.
Dry mouth/food/bev. A dry mouth can harbor more germs fermenting and exuding smells. Certain foods and beverages also. If you are not healthy, with post nasal drip congeston/cough/mouth breathing for over 1 week-consider a sinus infection. Allergies of the nose can also be a player with mouth breathing an congeston. Obvious treatment is to decongest the nose. More water, mouth hygiene-tongue scrib and monitoring.

Best way to get rid of bad breath?

Treat the cause. Have yourself examined by both a dentist and a physician to rule out dental and other medical conditions that could be contributing to your problem.
Get a diagnosis. It is important to found out what the problem its first (ie, gum disease, oral hygiene, or digestive issues) from your md or dds. That being said my favorite over the counter product I like currently is breathrx.
See a dentist. Your dentist needs to determine the cause of the bad breath. Can be cavities, gum disease, unclean tongue, infection of the teeth or indigestion. The treatments vary depending on the cause of the bad breath.

What do I do to get rid of bad breath?

Determine cause. Once the cause is determines, then that condition can be treated, teeth, gums, diet, and stomach problems can all contribute. See a local physician and dentist for help.
Eliminate cause. Go to the following website, determine the cause (s) and then eliminate it\them : http://smilesapartcosmeticdentist. Com/fresh-breath-control. Htm.

What can I do to get rid of bad breath?

Many causes... Bad breath or halitosis, can have several causes, ; it is sometimes multi-factorial. Accumulation of plaque and tartar in between ;; behind the teeth + presence of cavities are common causes. Also, many people have more accumulation of germs and debris on top surface of their tongue (to be brushed daily too). Others:presence of "post nasal drainage", acid reflux/ digestive problems ; some foods.