How do I deal with mouth herpes simplex? I want to kiss my baby.

Risk/benefit. Many cultural practices are just that, a practice that represents something. Kissing your baby could put them in the hospital, so your thinking brain needs to decide that your emotional brain needs to wait. If you are lucky you can have most of your life to kiss on the kid, when the HS is not active.
Cold sores. When active are highly infective so do not kiss your baby. Can speed up healing by using topical antiviral. Also avoid oral sex when active as the recipient of oral sex can develop genital herpes.
Virus infection. Do not kiss your baby until herpes is gone. A simple remedy is taking the Amino Acid lysine that you can usually obtain from a health food store.
Medication. Valtrex, (valacyclovir) acyclovir, etc... See your doc. Don't kiss the baby until this is taken care of.

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Can herpes simplex 2 go into the mouth?

Herpes. You can get herpes on any part of your body. The reason we no longer name herpes as oral or genital is for this very reason. If you have not been exposed to herpes two previous a new infection can occur where ever you get exposed, including your mouth. Read more...

Could you pick up clinically tested for herpes simplex 1 (the mouth herpes)?

Testing. A herpes viral culture can determine if a rash is due to the herpes virus. A doctor can perform this if there is an active lesion. If there is no active lesion, a blood test can be performed to determine if there are antibodies against any recent or past herpes infection. Read more...

I have herpes simplex 1. Will I be able to kiss someone without infecting them?

Depends. If you have no active lesions, you should be fine. If you have active lesions, or think you are getting one, then you should abstain, or you run the risk of infecting them. Read more...