I'm looking for a great concierge doctor or comprehensive primary care doctor in lone tree colorado (or south denver area). Recommendations?

Search online for... Search online for concierge doctors or concierge physician companies, and see if any are local. There are companies that have sprung up and coordinate groups of concierge doctors. One can contact these companies to see if they have a doctor locally. Healthtap doesn't have a category called "concierge", but one can check on individual doctors here, if one already knows he or she is a concierge.
Lenny Zemel. is who I see. In Cherry Creek. Hands down the smartest doctor I have ever met.
Thomas White MD. He has a concierge practice in Highlands Ranch and is great. I do not know if he is currently accepting new patients or not. .
Concierge Doctor. There are a couple of websites where concierge doctors are listed in a searchable directory style. The ones I know of are at http://www.aapp.org/ and http://conciergemedicinenews.wordpress.com/locate-a-physician-near-you/ I hope that helps.