How can I get rid of a scar formed from a hysterectomy?

You cannot. Scars can be improved in some cases but not removed in most cases. Surgery is the most common way to improve a scar but other treatments such as laser treatments, dermabrasion, silicone sheeting, and creams for hyperpigmentation can help as can scar treatments such as mederma and scar medic.
Once a scar always a. You cannot get rid of a scar completely.You can make it look better or much obvios or less visible.You can improve a bad scar by revising it.After saying that, one need to give enough time to the scar to mature.Immediate scars will look red, raised from the sufgace.Massage is the best treatment at this stage.It will take about a year or more for the scar to show the final appearance.
You can't "get rid" . Of scars. A competent plastic surgeon can revise & improve it surgically but the end result is pretty much a result of your skon's physiology and is not completely controllable.
Scar revision. I assume you are referring to the horiontal pubic scar. Options depend on time since surgery and the scar appearance. Pressure, silicone, injections and/ or surgery are all options.

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I suffer from chronic pelvic pain and have had a hysterectomy. My problem now is the scar tissue. How can I get rid of it and not make more?

An expert in dealing. With adhesions who does robotic surgery may be able to help as depending on how bad it is and where the adhesions are located they may be able to be lysed and then meds put in to try to prevent future scarring, it is often times not easy to do , so whomever does it should be a skilled robotic surgeon who does a lot of them. Read more...

How to get rid of the bump, scar tissue on lower abdomen after a hysterectomy? It's been 7 months

Stop inflammation. Various methods to reduce inflammation can help to reduce scars. Silastic sheeting or silicone ointments have been effective. Steroids, cooling, cold lasers, anti-oxidants, carboxytherapy, hormonal manipulation, and other carefully selected topical programs should be consider in consultation with a qualified specialist. Read more...
Abdominal Scar. An abdominal scar following c-section or abdominal hysterectomy can be improved by non-surgical or surgical treatment depending on the nature of the scar. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn about your options. Read more...