I am on Lexapro (escitalopram) for depression but still suffer from ptsd bipolar 2 psychosis anxiety sleep problems racing thoughts agitation what meds could help me?

BIPOLAR. It is important to find the correct combination of medications with your Psychiatrist. But medications alone are not sufficient because they do not teach you coping mechanisms for stress. Psychotherapy with a Clinical Psychologist can help you find ways to handle stress that will help your medications to work better. It is time well well-spent to invest in well-being.
Several to consider. If you have a bipolar type of depression, then using a 'mood stabilizer' would be the first choice, not an antidepressant. Ask your md which ones would be possible with you.
PTSD. I first suggest checking with your md for medication management. Then a psychologist skilled in helping you with ptsd and your other symptoms may help.

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I am bipolar have depression ptsd psychosis anxiety n have trouble sleeping. My dr only has me on lexapro (escitalopram). What other meds might help the other proble?

Prazosin, atypical . Your doctor could try an atypical antipsychotic like seroquel or risperdal, and prazosin which may help for ptsd related nightmares and insomnia. Another mood stabilizer such as Depakote or lithium may also be needed for your regimen. I notice your medication list also includes abilify, Cymbalta and geodon (ziprasidone). I wonder how you responded to them. Read more...
SECOND OPINION. If you are having doubts about your Dr.'s medication plan then it is advisable to seek out a second opinion from a Psychiatrist about your medication. It would be important to have a sleep study and a neurological exam conducted by Doctors. Once physical illness is treated or ruled out then it would be good to a consult with a Clinical Psychologist about ways to reduce stress. Read more...