Is anyone allergic to botox?

Rarely. True allergy to Botox is rare. It should not be used if there is a history of previous allergic reaction to botox.
Botox allergy. Yes, but this is uncommon. Botox contains human albumin--it is thought that true allergic reactions (hives, etc) are due to this component.
Possible. But very rare. If you have problems with poor response to botox, most likely it is a bad injection, expired or diluted product, etc. Those who are 'allergic' make antibodies which neutralize the medicine before it an work. These antibodies can be detected with a lab test.
Very rare. Its theoretically possible, but extremely rare. I have treated tens of thousands of patients and have never seen a case. I have also never heard of a case being presented at a conference.
Yes. and also you ca develop antibodies to the medication causing it not to work in you as well. Speak with your doctor if you are worried about either to discuss what to do.
Yes.But rare. Botox is a protein.Theoretically it can produce allergic reaction.But the incident of that is very rare.In my use of Botox in last 25 years I have not seen any yet.