Chance of MS if MRI w/ and w/o contrast was negative1 year ago? And can one still live a full almost ordinary life with ms? I have p.O.T.S but? Ms, tingly feet, left hand, twitching, neg for neuritis

Multiple sclerosis. A year old MRI is not the means by which to evaluate the possibility of your having ms. You should be seen and fully evaluated by a neurologist. Go soon. Good luck.
Very unlikely. But lupus might explain some of those symptoms. Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) also gives bizarre side effects at times.
M.S. M. S. Is characterized with active phases called exacerbations and quiet phases called remissions. During the active phases that is the time when the insulation surrounding the nerves called myelin become destroyed causing the nerves too short circuit. Only the nerves that have myelin around them are affected. During remission the myelin can heal and the nerves begin to function better. The amount of time between exacerbations can determine how much healing.