Had unprotected sex 4 days b4 expected ovulation. Been experiencing nausea, gas, bloating, metallic taste in mouth, etc period came 2wks later, prego?

Maybe. Take a home pregnancy test as they are very accurate these days. If positive see your OB if not and symptoms persist wait two weeks and take again. See your OB as needed.
You are not pregnant. Having a period on time after a sexual encounter represents the very definition of not being pregnant. If you have any doubt then do a pregnancy test. One no longer in this society relies of ambiguous symptoms of hormonal fluctuation to determine pregnancy.

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Get a pregnancy. test now. If negative, wait a week, then check another pregnancy test. If negative again, wait another week, check another pregnancy test. Don't convince yourself that you are not pregnant until you have had 3 negatives in 3 weeks and your period has returned. Read more...