Do you think I have add with hyperactivity or adhd?

Old terms. In the past a distinction was made between "add, " & "add with hyperactivity." in the current naming scheme (dsm-iv tr) everyone is adhd, with subsets of modifiers- mostly inattentive, mostly hyperactive/impulsive, or mixed subtypes. The dsm-v will change this to another naming scheme. Don"t hang too heavily on terminology. Doctors have been trying to define this entity precisely for decades.
ADHD. Technically they are the same. The new diagnosis term labels all as adhd = attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but subtypes patients as either inattentive type or hyperactive type. Inattentive types are more like missed as they generally don't have behavior problems. The medication treatment may be similar, with some addition meds for impulsivity. No one can be diagnosed without exam.
Same thing. To get the most from this site, you need to provide background information and ask a specific question. We cannot see what you upload when you register nor can we see any prior posts. Your question provided no background info. I can't say you meet criteria for any diagnosis. You are welcome to start over.