A month ago I tore a tendon on my forearm. I can't feel 2 of my fingers. What therapy can do so it can heal? And if I'm going to be able to feel again

Poss gradualrecovery. Nerve injury includes total or partial transection of the nerve from stretching, cutting (laceration), compression, shearing, or crushing injuries.If sensory nerve injured, area innervated by nerve loses sensation.Closer nerve is to its origin in the spinal cord, lowe chance of recovery.May gradually recover sensation. Grade i nerve injury is called neurapraxia and is minor with complete recovery.
Occupational therapy. Ot may help if you're not already getting that. Looks like you had surgery to repair the tendon. Nerves heal at a much slower rate than other parts of the body, and some sensory nerves to your fingers were damaged somehow. If the nerves haven't been cut or torn apart, they will eventually heal thought it could take months. Talk with your doctor about this.