Does your carpal tunnel syndrome mostly go away after resting and getting a break?

Yes it could. If you have mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome, splint or brace may for a while and avoiding repative movments could do it. Thank you.
Possibly. Carpal tunnel syndrome can sometimes improve with a change in activity. Splinting, especially at night, can also be very helpful.
Depends on cause. In most instances, with work place modifications, splints/braces and altered work habits, it is quite possible for the cts to go away. However, there are a few instances of fixed lesions where surgery may be required.

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When my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome act up should I have the affected hand rest completely or should I try to do some exercises with that hand?

First try PT. Physical therapy will help some , try first , if you are not getting benefit from PT other only alternative go for surgery , which is simple low risk out patient procedure. Read more...
Some advice. We usually find that repetitive flexion and extension activities at the wrist promote carpal tunnel syndrome, and one approach to help, involves usage of a wrist extension brace, which keeps the wrist in a constant position. Exercise really is of little benefit if you have advanced carpal tunnel and injection or surgical decompression is highly successful. Read more...