I have osteoarthrits and psoriatic arthritis. My fingers are beginning to bend/twist and are quite painful. I take indocin (indomethacin) with little relief. Help!

See details. If the main issue is psoriatic arthritis, Indomethacin will not help. I virtually never use this drug because of the high risk of GI issues. If you have not seen a rheumatologist, do so.
See rheumatologist. Oa and psoriatic arthritis is an unfortunate combination. Both ( and often do)can affect the joints of the fingers.... As u know. Sometimes rheumatology docs can prescribe stronger meds which can be very effective for your arthritis . See a board certified rheumatologist. Best of luck!

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52/f severe left shlder, left arm & neck pain. Have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid & psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylosis & deg disc disease, help!

Multiple . Your pain is likely coming from you neck (cervical spine) as well as your left shoulder. The conditions described above can affect the joints & the spine. Discussing your situation with a rheumatologist and an orthopedic surgeon is a recommended. Ideally they would discuss your situation & decide if the combination of surgery, injections and anti-rheumatics are best for you. Read more...
Impossible. No one person can have all of the arthritic disorders that you claim to have. See a rheumatologist. Read more...