Popping on side of neck?

Joint inflammation. There are several cervical facets or neck joints. In fact there are 2 at each level with 7 levels giving you a total of 14 joints. Over time these joints can "wear out" leading to degeneration and inflammation of the joint. When a joint becomes inflammed it often swells due to increased synovial fluid. When this fluid is forced out of the joint it is common to feel and/or hear a "pop".

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Itchy bumps popping up on side of neck?

Itchy bumps. Many things can present as itchy bumps including hives, eczema, contact dermatitis (allergic reaction), acne, infections such as folliculitis among many others. Please see your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Read more...

Pain/ weird feeling on left side of neck could be swollen and left side popping noise in throat when I swallow? 2 days now... Not sick

Need an exam. Glad to hear you're not feeling sick, but since these are new and unusual symptoms, sounds like you should see your doctor for an exam and more detailed history. Good luck! Read more...