Are vascular conditions a common complication of type 2 diabetes?

Yes- but preventable. Over time patients with diabetes are more likely to develop atherosclerotic blockages in any arterial bed (heart, legs, carotids). This can be prevented by careful screening with ultrasounds and stress (or cta?), and strict control of other risks: ldl, hypertension and smoking. Diabetic neuropathy can mask symptoms especially cardiac, and can also mimic symptoms of leg pain.
Yes. Many of the common complications related to diabetes involve the micro circulation of major organs. This includes, but is not limited to the peripheral arteries. Diabetics commonly have advanced atherosclerotic changes in the smallest arteries of the lower legs. These are called the tibial arteries. It makes them more difficult to treat because of their small size. Prevention in the form of good glucose control throughout life can minimize these changes.
Yes. Vascular complications are one of the major problems related to diabetes. There are micro vascular complications (kidneys) and macro vascular ( heart).
It's possible . Uncontrolled and longstanding diabetes can lead to accelerated vascular disease in the body including the lower extremities. Diabetes leads to calcification atherosclerosis in the tibial arteries which is rock hard plaque in the arteries. It can also lead to neuropathy, delays in wound healing, increased risk of diabetic foot infections, and amputations. It is critical to control blood sugar.

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Are vascular conditions a common complication of type 1 diabetes?

Generally Yes. But it would be most accurate to say that vascular complications are especially more likely to occur if there is uncontrolled type 1 diabetes. Problems with the vascular system in the eye, the kidney, the heart, and the toes are all much more common in the diabetic, but especially in the diabetic who does not control their diabetes. Ideal control would be a hemoglobina1c of less than 7. Read more...
Unfortunately yes. Long term type 1 diabetics develop micro vascular disease causing kidney , eye and other end organ damage as well as neuropathy. Hopefully we will find a cure soon. Better control may equal less severe vascular issues over the long term. Read more...