Coughing up blood and mucus after fitness boot camp?

See doctor... Coughing up blood is called hemoptysis. The most common cause of hemoptysis is bronchitis but there are many other causes, including malignancy. You need to see a doctor so you can be properly evaluated and treated. It is important to know what other symptoms you are having. If you smoke, you need to quit today.

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I have been doing boot camp for 3 weeks I've had a pain in lower tummy on one side like a pulled muscle only when I do sit ups or cough is this ok?

Abdominal muscles-- -that are stiff & sore from workouts can do this in your every day activities you don't notice them but a cough or sneeze causes a sudden hard contraction of these muscles & this you notice because it such a sudden & unexpected strain on them.

I am getting over my cold. But I still have this bad cough. Hurts my lower back and side, coughing up. Blood, and mucus stuck in my chest. Earache too?

Exam and chest xray. You should be examined for severe bronchitis or possible pneumonia. Never ignore bloody expectoration. A chest film and antibiotics are a logical suggestion. Stop smoking!