How do I control panic attacks?

Difficult to do. In my experience , once a panic attack starts , it's hard to stop it. Once you start hyperventilating, your carbon dioxide levels in your blood go lower and this seems to prolonged the attack. The best thing to do is breath into a paper bag, never plastic, and it will help you stop the attack. To prevent it, ssri medicines a would be the treatment of choice. These would be medicines like prozac (fluoxetine).

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How do I control a massive panic attack? I can breathe, hearts pounding and my hands are starting to cramp. Please help me

Get evaluated. Panic attacks can mimic other conditions or be in and of themselves prohibitive of being able to function. Typically, making sure you are safe and not going to be a hazard to yourself or the public is a prime concern. It is usually advised to get to a proper medical facility the safest way possible to be evaluated. Read more...