Africa travel do's and don'ts?

Africa dos and don't. Do's - visit a travel clinic for immunizations - sample the local cuisine in established places or with friends - take Imodium (loperamide) and ciprofloxin in case you get sick - protect yourself from mosquitos - wear sunscreen - keep hydrated dont's - eat food cooked in street kiosks no matter how tasty it smells - don't drink untreated water - don't swim in open water. There could be schistosomiasi.
See Travel Doctor. Africa is a complex and wonderful place to visit. Your exact duration, timing, and destination will determine your best advice. Cdc.Gov/travel has country specific information. Be sure to get immunized, discuss malaria, personal safety, and how to manage illness while away. Discuss travel health insurance with evacuation too. Your biggest health risk is the automobile (anywhere in world!).
See below. Besides visting a travel medicine clinic prior to trip, also check to see if there are any travel advisory warnings in the countries (travel.State.Gov). Registering trip details at step.State.Gov before leaving home can be helpful in case of an emergency while abroad.