What are the normal blood sugar levels for non diabetics. I get numbers some times in the 140s- 160's. Not diabetic want to figure if it's normal.

Fasting vs nonfastin. Fasting blood sugar level should be between 60-99 (some lab range is up to 110). 100-124 is considered glucose intolerance, and 125 or above is diabetic. Testing for a protein product called a1c is useful. Any random sugar level above 200 is also considered diabetes. Right after meal sugar can be high-up to 160 within first hour. Anyway, i suggest checking with doc for eval. Good luck.
Fasting/non fasting. 1- fasting blood sugar range preferred 90-116 2- non fasting and 2 hrs after last meal preferred to be less than 140. If you are having 140-160 range first thing in the morning , i will recommend to visit your doctor and rule out diabetes.