Are vascular conditions a common complication of liver failure?

Not sure what u mean. Liver failure is associated with many things, including encephalopathy - altered mental state starting with mild confusion and personality changes and ultimately causing coma and death; abdominal fluid (ascites) and edema, spontaneous peritonitis. One of the most severe complications are esophageal varices, which are swollen veins in the esophagus which can bleed severely, and can be fatal.
Liver failure. Liver failure is usually caused by toxins and viruses rather than by vascular disease. Alcohol is a liver toxin. Hepatitis b and c are viruses that impact liver health. Cirrhosis and portal hypertension occur when the liver damage is moderate to severe. .
Complicated question. Liver failure causes scarring in the liver which impedes blood flow (interpreted by some as a vascular condition ) that causes swelling of the abdomen and legs.