Why is my baby being taken to nicu away from me?

For specialized care. The nicu (newborn intensive care unit) is a specialized area in the hospital where newborns with medical needs are cared for. Babies born too early, those who are very sick, and those needing surgery can be taken care of in a nicu. Neonatologists, pediatricians with extra training, are the doctors who work in the nicu. Hopefully you can visit you baby soon, and they don't have to stay too long.
Baby needs nicu. Your baby is in good hands. Your baby needs time to grow, to heal, or to recover for a variety of reasons. Please talk to your neonatologist why your baby needs nicu care. It is important you know why. Demand an answer!
Need. Luckily you are in a setting where the transition period of a newborn is monitored and worrisome changes can be acted on quickly.Heartbreaking as it may be,the reality is that 10% or more of newborns spend some time in a special care nursery.More babies die in the first 24 hrs than the rest of the first year.Their quick action can make sure your baby has the best chance at a good outcome good luck.